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Our Purpose of Customer Service

Our multi-site service policy provides customers with easier access to our products and services in Taiwan and China.

Advantages Provided by Plotech


All PCBs manufacturing processes are done in our facility.


Plotech is capable of producing 2-layer board to 70-layer with high aspect ratio and boards designed with Any Layer HDI.


The order volume can be from urgent samples to mass production.


Ensures on time delivery


excellent quality to meet customers’ expectation.

Performance of Capability

2 Layer automotive, telecommunication, blue tooth, LCD display, storage, connector, scanner, etc.

4~6 Layer industrial PC, telecommunication, medical equipment, industrial PC, storage, computer, LCD display, blue tooth, wireless, power supply, scanner, Dram module, connector, etc.

8~70 Layer Probe Card, Load Board, Burn-In Board power supply, GPS, wireless, R&D prototype, digital camera & video, IA product, PDAs, cellular phone, boards require build up laser technology, etc.

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stronghold Introduction

Taiwan Plant

Year of establishment: 1990
Capital: USD44.5 million
Plant area: 108,000 square feet
Number of employees: 400
Production: 200,000 square feet / month
Process capability: 2-70 layers, Any Layer

Kunshan Plant (East China)

Year of establishment: 2002
Capital amount: USD 30 million
Plant area: 162,000 square feet
Number of employees: 800
Production: 500,000 square feet / month
Process capability: 2-16 layers, boards with blind/buried vias (HDI) design
Huiyang Factory (South China)
Year of establishment: 1997
Capital: USD25 million
Plant area: 250,000 square feet
Number of employees: 700
Production: 500,000 square feet / month
Process capability: 2-12 layers